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Image: Navotas

Ride-Hailing in Navotas

Welcome to Navotas, also known as the City of Navotas, a vibrant urban center situated in the heart of the Philippines' National Capital Region. Renowned as the Commercial Fishing Hub of the Philippines, Navotas thrives as a first-class city with a bustling economy.


At the heart of Navotas lies the largest fish port in Southeast Asia, making it a pivotal hub for commercial fishing activities. Every January, the city comes alive with its annual fiesta, a lively celebration that draws visitors from far and wide. During this festive occasion, the streets of Barangay Tangos North and South buzz with activity, offering a plethora of stalls and shops for visitors to explore.


Among the highlights of the San Roque celebration on A. Dela Cruz Street are vendors selling the famous kalamay from Batangas, adding a delicious touch to the festivities.


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