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PeekUp Launches in the Philippines: The Ride-Hailing Revolution Begins!

The Philippines recently witnessed the birth of a transportation revolution! PeekUp, the country's newest and most exciting ride-hailing app, officially launched with a splashy event that sent shockwaves through the industry. Held on the 30th of April, 2024 at the Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, the launch was a vibrant celebration that brought together media, industry leaders, potential driver partners, and eager customers – all ready to experience the future of Filipino travel. Not only this, the event also saw the presence of celebrities like Paulo Avelino and Ara Mina.

The atmosphere was alive with anticipation as guests arrived. Prominent figures from PeekUp, including the CEO, Dave Almanirez & the CFO, Mr. Jayson Chua delivered a captivating speech unveiling the company and its mission: to revolutionize the way Filipinos get around. Further, captivating dance performances and lively music set the mood for a night to remember.

PeekUp's commitment to unmatched flexibility was a central theme. The platform caters to both passengers seeking convenient and affordable rides and driver partners desiring freedom and control over their work schedules. The event highlighted the user-friendly app designed for a seamless booking experience, prioritizing passenger safety with comprehensive driver partners background checks and vehicle inspections.

But the launch wasn't just about unveiling an app; it was a celebration of Filipino innovation. PeekUp proudly showcased the talented individuals behind the platform, a homegrown solution designed to empower Filipinos and redefine the transportation landscape.

The evening concluded with a toast to PeekUp's success and its transformative impact on the Philippines’ transportation. The energy was electric, fueled by a shared vision of a more convenient, flexible, and affordable travel experience for everyone.

Download the PeekUp app today (available on App Store and Google Play) and experience the future of ride-hailing in the Philippines. Together, let's redefine the way we explore and navigate our beautiful country! 

Now live in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal!


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