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PeekUp Strengthens Partnership with Google to Enhance Navigation, Safety, and Personalized Experiences

[From left to right:] Dominic Medenilla of Google, Anjusha Sandeep, Principal Architect Google Maps, Jolly Ahuja, Business Lead Google, Jayson Chua, Co-Founder and CFO PeekUp, Dave Almarinez (Center), Founder and CEO, Bernardo Abis, Webcast CEO, Eric Perdigon, Sabrina Cua and Jhoana Mondez.

Taguig City – June 5, 2024

PeekUp the new ride-hailing platform that seamlessly blends transportation with payment solutions. Offering a safe, convenient, and reliable ride-hailing service. PeekUp also integrates cashless payment options and comprehensive mobility solutions. Today, announced a strengthened partnership with Google to further enhance its navigation, and safety features for better experiences. This collaboration will bring significant advancements to PeekUp's platform, benefiting users with:

Enhanced Navigation and Routing: Improved routing algorithms and real-time traffic updates will provide users with more efficient and accurate directions.

Improved Location Accuracy and Data: Leveraging Google's vast location data and mapping expertise, PeekUp will offer users even more precise location information and insights.

Location-based Recommendations: PeekUp will utilize an advanced location-based recommendation system to provide users with personalized suggestions.

Safety and Security: Enhanced safety features will include real-time alerts for accidents, road closures, and other hazards, as well as the ability to share real-time location and other safety features for peace of mind.

“This strategic partnership is a testament to PeekUp's commitment to providing our users with the best possible experience,” said Dave Almarinez, founder and CEO at PeekUp. “By leveraging Google's technology and expertise, we are able to deliver enhanced navigation, location accuracy, personalized recommendations, and increased safety features, ultimately creating a more convenient and secure platform for our users.”

About PeekUp

PeekUp is a ride-hailing platform dedicated to providing users with safe, convenient, and reliable transportation options. Leveraging advanced technology and a network of vetted drivers, PeekUp delivers seamless and reliable rides, empowering users to navigate their cities with ease and confidence.

About Google

Google, a global technology leader, empowers billions of users worldwide with its innovative products and services. Google Maps, a cornerstone of Google's offerings, is a comprehensive mapping and navigation platform. It provides real-time traffic updates, detailed street views, and personalized route recommendations, transforming how people explore, navigate, and interact with the world around them.


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